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Beat Procrastination (I’ll do it Later) – Barbican library July 2015

An enjoyable and insightful hour. Time well spent. — Rosemary Hudson

I enjoyed the workshop and can see a way ahead in beating procrastination in my own life.

Useful and gave insight into personal thought patterns in relation to may different aspects of life and ways of improving it.

I learnt that other people procrastinate in very different ways which was interesting. Overall, I think the taster session was v. helpful. — Esmee, Student

Very helpful and provided a surprising insight into the nature of procrastination. — Jane Samworth

A valuable training event! I went away with lots of ideas and strategies to implement immediately to stop procrastinating. — Maria Zoutsou, Health Optimisation Coach

Opened my mind to the dreadful behaviour of procrastiation. — Kush Vecaria

Resilience Training – Junior Chambers International March 2015

Short, clear, nice team work and exchange. — F.D. Engineer

Very practical and tailored [to] participants’ needs. Theory and practice well linked. — Andreea, Medical Affairs Executive.

Thanks Awele for this great training! I wish it could have last [longer]. Your tips were very useful. — Anoymous

Health Trainers Training, East London, April 2015

Interactive, highly interactive, learned a lot — Salman Alam, Centre Manager

I found this experience very informative as well as helpful and useful. It was quite enjoyable — Fahima Soloman, Health Champion

It was a pleasant day, very iformative. I learnt different tools so found it useful — Mohima Khan, Health Trainer

Health Trainers Training, East London February 2015

The training has enlightened me on how to manage certain issues in my day to day work role.
— Tracy, Health Trainer

It was enlightening and enjoyable. — MH, Health Promotion Project worker

Good range of tools which can be related to work, which made the training more beneficial. –T.J. Sports Health Trainer

It was helpful to see that the stresses and frustrations of being part of and leading a busy community service can be overcome by considering all factors and alleviated by using simple tools. — G.R. Team Leader, Health Trainers

Stress at Work Showcase event July 2014
See highlights of the event.

A very enjoyable piece and sharing on stress using bodywork/drama. Liberating to share what often seems to be taboo. — Maria Bulgarelli, Occupational Therapist

It really got to the heart of the issue of bullying / intimidation in the workplace. –Destiny, Copywriter

A practical event where the audience gets to participate and others can learn collaboratively.
— Usha, Psychotherapist

Thank you for an entertaining and informative evening. The use of drama really helped to open up the conversation. — Yvone, Business Owner

Awele’s workshops are always inspirational and always provide food for thought. A brilliant workshop, brilliantly delivered. — Maria Zoutsou, The Self-Esteem Scientist

This event was entertaiing and also made you think about communicating better to overcome stress at work. — LC Sales-account management

What an emotive performance by deep:black!

Great first event, very engaging and interactive. — David Lau, Sports Massage Therapist

Enjoyable interactive event. Good networking opportunity. C. Johnson, Retired

Greenwich Enterprise Club
March 2014

This was a great first step in clarifying what I want to achieve in 2014 and how to plan my progress. Really happy!:) — Jennifer, Compliance Officer

A good training session that got to the route of the issues affecting why we don’t always achieve our yearly goals. — Destiny, Copywriter

Stress Management- How to Excel in the Workplace

February 2014 (South London Procurement Network, Waterloo)

It was great to hear from other people that I m not the onlyone going through stress. Great reminder of steps to take to organise myself and to be stress free. — Jose Alverez, Designer.

Genuine, Practical and Enjoyable. Awele knows her stuff and has the personality to draw out the best from everyone. Thank you. — Jahmar, Director.

A fantastic morning unpacking the area of stress in the workplace, how to guard against it and how to make strategic changes to move to a ‘better’ place. — Anthony Odle, Director

February 2014 (Barking Enterprise Centre, London)

Very Enjoyable, good participation and interaction. — Sheila Ross Stocker, Holistic Therapist/ Hypnotherapist

Being part of this group made me realise that stress is widespread and that when I felt what I did, I wasn’t going mad! — Dorothy Akwaboah, Accountant

Awele gave a complete and understanding workshop. It made me aware of thinking of myself and not getting stressed out for others. Workshop was full of knowledge. Thank you. — Anurupa, Business owner

Setting my Intention for 2014

February 2014 (South London Procurement Network, Waterloo)

Open and honest- it was refreshing to hear goal setting from a more thoughtful angle. — Jason Anderson, Business Owner

Really helped clarify a lot of things that were buzzing around in my head (causing anxiety). — Gabrielle

Very good, very interesting and just what I needed. Timing is perfect. Thank you Awele x. — Fiona Small, Director

January 2014 (City Business Library, London)

I have learnt to believe in my abilities and it is important to take time and reflect on what may not have worked and why and how to move forward. — Josette, Mother/Fashion Consultant/designer

A very useful learning experience that helps you to think about your goals from different perspectives, making you aware of your opportunities. Time went extremely quick. — Miguel Acha, Learning Mentor

Overall- an excellent class/ presentation. Recommendable. — Angela Turkson

December 2013 (Barking)

I got so much value out of today’s event! Inspirational, thought provoking, empowering! — Maria Zoutsou, Health and Wellbeing expert.

Although I know about goal-setting, this workshop took me through additional steps that were empowering. For example: adding the ’empowering paradigm’. — Usha, Counsellor/ Psychotherapist

I have been putting off starting a business. I did not have the courage to do it. The seed I put in 2013 is sprouting in 2014!. — Anurupa, Business Person

‘Work Smart: Your Time is of the Essence Workshop’,

London Metropolitan University, London
July 2013

I thought it well presented, clearly communicated and applicable to everyone no matter what work we do. — Thandi Lazarus, SU Casework Advisor

Very useful in identifying methods in which I can categorise tasks in terms of priority. — Rob, Online Developer

A good course that will help you to focus how you currently spend your time and how to spend it wisely in the future. — Anonymous

City Business Library, London
February 2013

I have learned new ways of managing my time which will add a great deal to my quality of life this year. — Alexandra Sinclair, Creator & Artist / Designer

Great in understanding the value of time and how to make the most of it. — William, Marketing

I found the session well structured, interesting and informative with practical tips that can support me in managing my time more effectively so I can be more productive and efficient and support others I supervise to do the same. — J. Dolan, Occupational Therapist

‘Setting my Intention for 2013 Workshop’

Barking Enterprise Centre, East London

Jan 9th 2013

I really found the workshop useful and it has enabled [me] to channel my focus for 2013 and I feel more confident about the months to come. — Prudence, Accountant/ Trainer

Excellent workshop. Essential for goal setting/ achieving. — Maryse, Owner/ Manager

I was hesitant coming in thinking ‘what else can I learn about goal setting?’, but surprisingly, I learnt a lot. Thank you. — Florence, Trainer.

‘Work Smart: Your Time is of the Essence Workshop’,

South London Procurement Network, The Shell Centre, Waterloo, London

Feb 13th 2013

It was a revelation, and comforting that others have problems too, and that with knowledge, anything can be overcome.

I found the workshop very useful and good use of my time. Thought provoking and therapy!!

[The workshop gave] space to grow your ideas in the group, present them, work through and learn.


City Business Library, London

Nov 23rd 2012

Awele is a avery good trainer. Even after [only] 2 hour [session] I feel already more self aware about my time management skills… very useful. GianPietro

Great to know that there are ways to learn how to manage one of the most precious resources a human being has: time! July Sandaval, Contract Manager.

Oct 17th 2012

I have found this experience really good, [it] enabled me to use strategies to reduce stress in the workplace. Gemma Schwarz, O.T.

‘Awele was a wonderful knowledgeable presenter. She took time with each individual and listened to their circumstance and gave solutions to help. Anyone who needs structure and function in their life should attend this course.’ Stephanie Bryan, P.A.

 28th Sept 2012

Very good Workshop- learnt a lot from it. Roseline onkwa, Registered Care Manager.

It was a very enlightening workshop and helped to put things into perspective. — Prudence, Accountant.

Fantastic bite sized tips and advice to be able to use at work and in my business. Judith, Consultant.

July 10th 2012

‘Fantastic learning experience and brilliant concept on time management’ Stanley Osuide, Operations Manager

‘The workshop was very well structured and given in a timely manner’


‘The workshop was a great experience to take time out from work and concentrate on other tasks that would lead to the running of a successful business’ Nim Sira, Creative Director

‘I found the session today very interesting and very effective…’ Victoria, Owner

February 2012

I attended Awele’s Work Smart- Your Time is of the Essence’ workshop in Feb 2012. Three key words I would use to describe it are: constructive, relaxing and expanding. The workshop made me stop and think wider. Partly due to the workshop, I feel I am more confident when doing my stand up one minute presentations. It was useful to share our doubts in small groups and then develop strategies to help us overcome these. Thank you Awele. Marie Carr, March 2012

“Awele’s “Time is of the Essence” workshop was time very well spent. The whole session was fun, engaging and got the old grey matter going with plenty of food for thought. Much enjoyed, highly recommend !” Louise McGing, February 12, 2012

September 2011

“Awele is a very personable individual who always listens to what is being said allowing her to make very accurate and perceptive analysis to any given conversation. I recently attended one of Awele’s stress workshops. I didn’t know what to expect but I found it to be a very interactive and thought provoking experience which allowed me to work ‘through’ a current work related stressful situation and view it from another perspective. I was able to identify my difficult situation and create a drawing plan to work it through to a positive outcome. Thanks, Awele!”Stella Fehmi, Athena Regional Director

“I really enjoyed Awele’s Workshop. We established ways of improving our personal relationship with Time and came away with tools to maintain this. It was a well constructed Workshop, full of interesting exercises. Awele took into consideration our different approaches and gave us tools which appealed to our individual sensory styles. Well done Awele” September 27, 2011 Jennifer Johnson, Personal Change Strategist

“I attended Awele Odeh’s September workshop which was enjoyable and informative seminar. I left on a positive and high note complete with my vision board and several action points to apply to my personal and business life. I am happy to say to others thinking of attending other events or working with Awele – do and you will experience an authentic client focussed event.” October 7, 2011 Barbara Lloyd-Gillings, Coach

‘Finding your Balance’ workshop at ADANNA Womens Support Group, Dagenham

The workshop helped me to reflect on relaxation techniques and trying not to be too stressed with normal day to day activities.
Regards, Esther Williams – Specialist Community Public Health Practitioner, May 2011

Team Building Session, Barking and Dagenham College, November 2010

‘Fun and easy to follow’– Elaine Dewal

‘Put us at ease, easy going, enjoyable session’B.C.

‘Good activities for a team’– Sonia Gunn

‘Created an environment of learning about eachother as a team’– J.B.

‘Energetic session’–S.M.

‘Interesting, good and can be used for team building activities’– Julie Maling, Head of Opportunities Support

Workshop: ‘The NHS as a Functioning System’ (Redbridge Teacher’s Centre)

Awele is a delight to work with. She has obviously given this topic a lot of thought and conveys her personal experience.– Olive F. Hickmott, Health Coach

Very informative and helpful on a personal level.–Marion Laing, Teacher

Clear, friendly and informative. Thought provoking.– P.Smith, Manager

6 Week Training Session with OT Dept, East London NHS Foundation Trust:

It has been a valuable experience [Training] to have had. Having the space to discuss teamwork and communication has been useful. — D.A.A., Occupational Therapy Technical Instructor

…Overall Awele has done very well in bringing the team together and encouraging everyone to participate especially during some difficult sessions.– I.T.W., Occupational Therapist

We have grown as a team and though challenging at times, it has been a brilliant group to be part of. — Dolan, Occupational Therapist

An Unorthodox learning experience in my view, yet one that was helpful and beneficial to our group.–M.S., Occupational Therapy Technical Instructor

A rare opportunity to think creatively and be challenged constructively.– V.W., Head Occupational Therapist.

Individual Clients:

I had a group of four session with Awele. She has been a great listener and has helped me gain focus on how I can improve at running my business, by working on my confidence.
At first I didn’t even know what to ask of her, but she asked many questions and found a pattern in my answers, thus showing me what my fears are and showing me how to change my attitude towards being more positive, confident and proactive.– Veronica Crespi, Style and Image Consultant, Jan 2011

I knew Awele a little from Athena Network and got really interested in her approach to personal development. I had always wanted to try NLP / Coaching but didn’t feel so comfortable with anyone before. Awele’s calm and gentle approach made me talk openly and discuss issues with honesty. I started with a long term goal in my mind about my career but over 4 weeks of my consultations it evolved to other aspects of my life. I realised that by looking at some other practical issues like time management I was overall getting clearer with my long term goal too. These Consultations made me look at some parameters and threshholds I held for long time. These sessions with Awele has helped me a great deal to be more realistic about certain areas in my life while being aspirational.

It has been a pleasure to work with you and will be passing the word around.–Ashish Paul, Medical Herbalist and Ayurvedic Consultant

‘When I first came to Awele for my sessions, I was very unsure and very fearful. Also I used to think people were both driven and motivated, but as I continued in the sessions I began to understand that it takes time and determination and if you stay with it you will succeed and achieve anything you want to. I originally started the sessions because I wanted to go to college. And after the sessions I learnt there is nothing to be afraid of and I can do it taking things slowly.’– Florence Henry, Make-Up Artist and Student.

‘The most useful aspect of our sessions together was the language that I use when talking myself out of doing something I’m interested in… it changes the perspective I have on things and rather than thinking all the negative things to think the positive.
I think this will give me more drive to want to take a chance because I will be contemplating all the good things that I could achieve.’–Cherrelle Glave, Actress and Writer

Through the sessions with Awele I was able to identify my specific goals enabling me to have a clearer focus, essentially she helped me gain the confidence to get started on my project and stop worrying. — J.D. Fundraising for Charity work in Asia

‘Thanks for the time you have taken in giving me an insight at how you work. It is most interesting and quite complimentary to the Alexander Technique. I like the way you work and deal with people. It seems that it is both caring and professional at the same time.’–Carla Redford, Alexander Technique Practitioner