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Do Vision and Mission Statements Work?

I have worked with so many organisations which although they have mission and vision statements in place- do not actually live by or follow them. Usually the staff do not know what the company vision and mission statements are and moreover, if they do, they do not believe in them – they see their organisations’ […]

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Bullying at Work is here to stay…?

I reviewed the newspapers: The Metro and The Standard, in November 2015 and came across two particular articles which spoke about workplace bullying and the costs to industry. Sadly, services like mine which help workers rise above work stress are very much needed… The Metro states categorically that bullying at work is very much on […]

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1 to 1 and Team Support for high-pressured workplaces

CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION ! Does it sometimes feel that 24 hours is not enough? Are there workplace conflicts that you would like to work through? If you work in an environment that you find stressful, perhaps it is highly competitive or there are difficult issues at play – get in touch for a professional and confidential […]

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Awareness of the self

What do we know of ourselves? And do we take note of what we know? We have established that to succeed in the way we want, requires that we are resolute in our resolutions. This demands of us that we change our habits and thus preceding this requires that we are aware of our habits […]

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The Detached Colleague

I have been this person and I have seen this many times; the colleague who feels apart from their colleagues for one reason or another. It could be self imposed exile; perhaps you don’t agree with the morals of the colleagues around you, or a principled stance – a decision to keep your interactions to […]

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Breaking the Mold

I sometimes catch myself editing myself when I feel that by being honest, I might ‘cause a scene’. But the more I read, and the more I blog, I get inspired to risk being myself more. A couple of recent blogs have contributed to this additional ‘grease to my elbow’. The first is: ‘Women who […]

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All aboard the Burn Out steam train?

An article in the Metro, March 2015 stated something many know, but yet many more are slow to acknowledge: Stress dramatically reduces quality of life and for many more, it is a leading factor in causing diseases that lead to premature death. Specifically, it states that people who suffer burnout are more likely to develop […]

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