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Consultant (Doctor) Worship

I raised this on my agenda in supervision once ‘Consultant (doctor) worship’. And the response from my supervisor: ‘I’m intrigued already…’ So what do I mean by this? Well it never ceases to amaze me in particular health services, how the view of Doctor as GOD still lives on. I’ve actually seen a colleague curtsey […]

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Sometimes it can be hard to hold unto faith that we can achieve our goals. However, perspective can help us to shed a light on things. Anyone who has ever achieved anything has done this through small beginnings; it is through these small beginnings that we hone our skills and develop our craft. When we […]

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Facing our Fears (Part 1)

FEARS can be a source of stress because it stops us following our dreams or simply doing what we should to overcome a situation. I find this all the time, because although I run a successful business, I get nervous about meeting new clients or proactive gestures like asking for recommendations, etc. Looking back- I’ve […]

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Fail to Plan and you Plan to fail

This blog is designed to give you some ideas and tools to help with Planning and Preparation in order to overcome Procrastination. As the familiar adage goes: ‘Fail to Plan and you Plan to fail’ Without a doubt Planning is the key to success and there are various tools we can use. I will be […]

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Setting my Intention for 2014 workshop

                                      Start your new year off with a bang! Workshop: For busypeople who want practical strategies to use to STAY ON COURSE!    In 2013, did you… 1) Feel out of sorts? 2) Operate at your best? 3) […]

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Promotion at work? Our habits can make or break us

This blog discusses how we can create new effective habits that can help us towards our workplace goals. Let me first begin by asking: What do we know about ourselves and do we take note of what we know? To succeed, we must be resolute in our resolutions. This requires that we practice habits and […]

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Fresh Workspaces

This blog will inspire you to use your local environment to stimulate your effectiveness at work. I just spent a warm sunny afternoon walking around the heart of London and taking some pictures of interesting outdoor workspaces. Through the trainings I deliver I’ve come to realise how crucial the workspace is to our productivity; the […]

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Work tips – Taking the ‘helicopter’ view

This blog will explore the difference that ‘perspective’ can have on situations in the workplace. I once read a story about two people driving along in a car; the passenger had a terrible journey- all she could see on her side was all the dirt and rubbish that littered the road. She was consumed with […]

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