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Beat Procrastination – ‘I’ll do it later’


Rise above procrastination

Rise above procrastination

Do you sometimes feel beaten by your tendency to procrastinate? Is this something you would like to leave behind once and for all?


This workshop is based o the 3 factors we require to achieve our goals – taking action, monitoring our thoughts and getting the right kind of support.

What attendees will gain from attending:

  • This workshop will explore the ways in which we can create a procrastination habit i.e. our thought patterns, the habits we form, how well we plan and our awareness.
  • We will work with real issues and use practical strategies to overcome these in order to make procrastination a thing of the past.
  • By applying what you learn, you will have strategies that will help you beat procrastination and stick better to your plans!
  • This in turn will help you be more productive and lead to better work satisfaction.


What now?

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