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What’s the deal with these niggling feelings?

One thing you’ll notice about my blogs is that I spend a lot of time talking about the importance of awareness, and the foundation of awareness is self-awareness. Some people are better at listening to their bodies than others. If one can listen to themselves, it makes them better at listening to others. And this […]

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The relationship between Sleep and Stress

I wrote recently about ‘rest and rest anxiety’, however, I have not written about sleep at all but I was compelled to do so after I attended a seminar recently. Of course I know sleep is relevant but I had not fully acknowledged how crucial it is and how much our sleep habits can impact […]

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Ten Ways to spot Low Self- Esteem

Ten Ways Low Self- Esteem creates a permanently ‘Stressed’ state 1. Low self esteem impairs our ability to function well in life. Self- esteem is necessary for survival. 2. Low self-esteem can manifest in a lack of self-responsibility: so I see others as sources of approval or disapproval and I see others in terms of […]

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See my feature in the Guardian: Winning new business: The Work Stress Buster “‘The Work Stress Buster’ is a business designed to help busy workers maximise their productivity while minimising their pain”, Monday 30 July 2012 15.02 BST Awele Odeh is the director of The Work Stress Buster Name: The Work Stress Buster […]

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