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Mindset Switch for light relief

There comes a dawning, a moment in time when the realisation hits you that you don’t need to struggle; there is a better way. Not necesssarily an easier way, but certainly a better way than you are perhaps exploiting. This has happened to me in many different contexts from personal issues to do with intimate […]

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What’s the deal with these niggling feelings?

One thing you’ll notice about my blogs is that I spend a lot of time talking about the importance of awareness, and the foundation of awareness is self-awareness. Some people are better at listening to their bodies than others. If one can listen to themselves, it makes them better at listening to others. And this […]

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The Detached Colleague

I have been this person and I have seen this many times; the colleague who feels apart from their colleagues for one reason or another. It could be self imposed exile; perhaps you don’t agree with the morals of the colleagues around you, or a principled stance – a decision to keep your interactions to […]

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Self-Leadership – What is it?

I run a business that is built on the principles of self-leadership and indeed this is reflective of the trainings I design. So why Self- leadership as opposed to leadership? Well…it occurred to me that among many institutions, there is ample recognition of leadership training and the value of this, but little recognition of the […]

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How Cycles are repeated

Within families, cycles become repeated generation after generation. Be they cycles of achievement or cycles of failure (and everything in between). Without awareness we can carry on the behaviours and beliefs we grew up with. This is how habits continue in the next generation.   Awareness is needed to halt poor habits of thinking and […]

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Breaking the Mold

I sometimes catch myself editing myself when I feel that by being honest, I might ‘cause a scene’. But the more I read, and the more I blog, I get inspired to risk being myself more. A couple of recent blogs have contributed to this additional ‘grease to my elbow’. The first is: ‘Women who […]

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Standing out from the Crowd

The same ways in which we blend into the crowd in one environment is the same way we might stand out from the crowd in another environment. My focus in this blog relates to times in which we stand out from the crowd. Two recent experiences have inspired this blog: With a group of peers […]

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Resilience: Come hell or high water

Sometimes our hardest times can be the turning point. I look back at my life and I can see how this rings true. This blog was inspired by an article I had retained from a couple of years ago – a man’s (Marc Hare) marriage broke up, he was made redundant and broke his leg […]

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