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Bullying at Work is here to stay…?

I reviewed the newspapers: The Metro and The Standard, in November 2015 and came across two particular articles which spoke about workplace bullying and the costs to industry. Sadly, services like mine which help workers rise above work stress are very much needed… The Metro states categorically that bullying at work is very much on […]

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1 to 1 and Team Support for high-pressured workplaces

CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION ! Does it sometimes feel that 24 hours is not enough? Are there workplace conflicts that you would like to work through? If you work in an environment that you find stressful, perhaps it is highly competitive or there are difficult issues at play – get in touch for a professional and confidential […]

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‘Popping pills’ – does it work for mental health?

This blog will explore the extensive and presumed importance of medication in the treatment of people with depression, anxiety and related mental health issues. As an Occupational Therapist, specialising in mental health since 2000, I feel the same way as I used to feel when I was newly qualified; there is an almost ‘magical’ belief […]

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The Price of Short Cuts

If anything is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. There is no short cut to competence and this is something that I have learnt firsthand. For example, there have been times in the early days when I did not deliver training of the quality I know that I could (due to poor investment of my […]

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Consultant (Doctor) Worship

I raised this on my agenda in supervision once ‘Consultant (doctor) worship’. And the response from my supervisor: ‘I’m intrigued already…’ So what do I mean by this? Well it never ceases to amaze me in particular health services, how the view of Doctor as GOD still lives on. I’ve actually seen a colleague curtsey […]

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Awareness of the self

What do we know of ourselves? And do we take note of what we know? We have established that to succeed in the way we want, requires that we are resolute in our resolutions. This demands of us that we change our habits and thus preceding this requires that we are aware of our habits […]

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Being Resolute in our resolutions

January marks a time of new beginnings and with this, it is also a time of resolutions; a desire to make a fresh start. These resolutions might be: to lose weight, to divorce or to meet someone new and everything in between. But amidst all this, it is important to keep our resolutions realistic. It […]

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